First crack at Corian

This was a test of carving Corian with the x-carve. The entire design was carved with a cheap 60 degree carbide v-groove cutter using easel and the recommended feeds associated with the cutter and material. painted it with a rattle can, wiped off any excess then once dry, lightly hand sanded with 180 grit followed by 400 grit. The bit I used wasn’t new or super sharp but did a decent job. I cant wait to try it again with a brand new bit. Next time I will get my design better centered :rofl:


That looks real nice!! You did a great job!

Carving corian is great isn’t it?
Does a fantastic job of holding detail.

And here is what I wanted the X-Carve for. Amana Tool 1/2" 60 degree v-carve bit. 40 IPM feed, 9 IPM plunge, .125 depth of cut. White Cirrus Corian and gloss black rattle can paint, let dry and sand 180 grit then 220 grit then 400 grit wet sand. 12" x 24"


Absolutely fantastic sir.

That is well done. I need to source some corian and do some playing with it. I’ve heard ebay or visiting ReStore type places.

I get partial sheets from you can search by price and it will show you all of the overstock pieces they have reasonable shipping also

So… Corian is solid color all the way through, so you can sand the paint off of the uncut parts?

Yes it is.
It’s great to work with.