First cut is to high

When doing the start thing and setting up machine everything is working as it shall… coming to the step that i have to move the routerbit down to surface and stop at material. then go up to safe distans.

Then starting the milling process.

The router is going to right place and goes down… but it stops at 2-3mm from material and starts to mill.

How or were do i change that? of what im i doing wrong?

soo if i need a 2mm deep cut i have to tell it to mill 5mm deep since the first “layer” is 2-3mm up.

Please help me.

Best Regards Thomas

UGS? When you zero Z are you reseting work Z zero?

I follow the buttons that tells it to go to safe distance.

And no I’m not moving it manually.

Following the “setting up your machine”

No, pressing the button “go to safe distance”