First cut on Masuter 4040

I’m just trying to start using my Masuter 4040> I created a spoilboard program in easel ,generated the g-code and saved it to my files.I confirmed the results after running a simulation but when I tried actually running the project the only thing that happened was the spindle moved to the first location started the cut and I got an alarm and the machine stopped. What might be wo=rong and how do I correct it?

The most common cause for the 4040 masuter pro to alarm and fault is an alarm 2 or 3 which occurs as a result of crashing into the limit switch. most likely the lower limit switch. So you may need to either lower the spindle within its clamp OR raise the workpiece. Personally I have this machine and I creates a 2nd wasteboard that mounts on top of the stock one which is higher and prevents this lower limit switch issue…

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