First cut, then gradually getting worse


Just been setting up and testing a few cuts in Easel. I’ve had one fairly clean cut for my first, but it didn’t actually cut all the way through. I figured it was a settings error. Next cut was fairly detailed and it did a great job until 90% of the way through. It had an error and cut a line right across the middle of the design. Frustrated I thought I’d try a simpler design and go all MDF from here. Fairly clean cut, but some stepped edges. Next pretty clean moustache cut from Easel. Thought I was ready to test a sign job. It cut clean on the first pass, but then jumped about a half inch to the left on the next 2 passes. Since then I’ve been searching the forums, tightening belts, adjusting v wheel and eccentric nuts, nervously adjusting “pots” and it’s gradually getting worse.

I have found on another thread about the stock spindle causing extra steps. Starting my spindle at stand still the Z motor starts to move a touch and seems to be causing movement in all the other motors as well. People are saying to upgrade on that thread, but I just pulled this out of the box. Is there not a fix? Maybe a reset or Command in GCode?

Kind of at a loss. Any thoughts would be great.


If your steppers getting pulses when you turn your spindle on manually from toggle switch without sending any job, I can assure you that your spindle is gone. You better call Inventables, they can offer you a Dewalt mount as replacement. Of course you have more options like quiet cut spindle, VFD, Makita. Personally I’m using Dewalt the work horse.

Thanks for the reply. What series of Dewalt do you have? 660 or 611?

I’m having the exact same problem. First few passed are great and then it gradually gets worse. Everything appears to be correct and I too have been adjusting settings like mad.

@AlanDavis Why would the spindle be causing issues? Is it feedback?

Here’s a link to my thread on the issue:

DWP611, Inventables have Mount for it.

I think, Bad Spinner causing some kind of magnetic interfere. Very common problem. If you put “bad spindle” to search engine, you can have enough info.

I scavenged the 300w quiet spindle from my Shapeoko and the xCarve is working great. Got off the phone with Inventables and they are sending a new stock spindle that has better bearings with no interference. ps… the Quiet spindle is awesome. First time I used it. Very quiet and cut great.

Save some time on all the adjustments and turn on the spindle with no movement. If you get slight motor movement and your green lights are flashing, you may have a bad spindle.

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