First decent project

I just recently finished an actual project from design to completion. I’ve done all the typical projects that have been shared like the dust shoe, snowflake, clamps, etc. I’m happy with how this turned out. It is a piece of spruce from the box store that was already in the circle shape with the rounded over edges. Everything was going great until I snapped the right Y axis belt at about 90% complete. I paused the machine and thought about what to do next. The belt was too short to reconnect and complete the job as the XII hadn’t been carved yet. I ended up “helping” the right Y axis by moving it by hand when the motor spun. It was exhausting, lasting about 15 minutes. The tick at 4 o’clock isn’t perfect, but I’m happy non the less



That looks fine Jason. Paint? Or leave it natural?

I’ve resigned myself to fixing small things like your 4 tick manually, with a dremel or even a small chisel and then make all the others look similar, if possible. Gives it a “personal touch”. :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul. I’m in the process of painting the KTM orange and all the other letters and ticks black. A black 4 o’clock tick seems less noticeable to me. I will stain the face of it, but haven’t decided exactly how yet. Either boiled linseed oil or a stain with a little darker color. I’m waiting for the paint to dry and I’ll sand off the overspray. This is a Xmas present for my brother-in-law that is technically from my wife, so she gets to decide on the finish.

I’ll show the finished product when I’m done. I routed out a pocket on the back by hand for the clock mechanism. I planned on doing it with the x-carve as well, but with a broken belt and time constraints, a boring router did the job on that.


I ended up staining with a Pine colored stain.


Nice work.
(Good taste in bikes too)

Thanks. Huge fan of KTM. Talked my brother-in-law into one too.

That looks nice. The paint job really makes it sing. What software did you use to make it?

Thanks Zach. I used Inkscape to create the design and imported it into easel.

Very cool!!!

Very nice project, Jason! The way you colored it really makes it pop!!!

Thanks Johnny!

Thanks Bill!