First depth from z axis


my english is not very good at all, excuse for that.

my Problem, if i start running the machine the first round depth from the z axis is away to deep in the material. at first i think i have to put the depth per mm down, but i try with 0.5 mm (2mm carver) but the same Problem the frist round is very deep, and the second round is good. than i Think i put the clamp to strong, but same Problem. had everyone the same Problem? thanks best regards

That sounds like you are not getting Z zero set accurately.
Or your material is not of consistent thickness.

yes, do you know, where can i zero the z axis? cause the material thickness is ok…

@MartinDoll When the Carvey hits the smart clamp switch it “knows” where the top of your material is. Try relaxing the clamping pressure on the “smart” clamp, so it sits a bit higher. Variations in your wood thickness could be causing the issue at well. Clamping only at the edges can create a higher area in the middle. If you’re using an upcut bit, it will pull the material up.
How much deeper is the first pass?