First epoxy fill project

Pine 1x6, carved and filled in 3 different stages.

The green epoxy (clear Z-poxy and pigment) was perfect. No bleeding, zero bubbles. The black pigment bled into the wood a tiny bit, and I mixed glitter in, too vigorously, creating some bubbles thaw showed up when I skim cut it. But now just needs the bottle opener!


dollar store gel food coloring.i did some tests with that and cornstarch, but it got too plastic-looking

A coat of blonde shellac would work as well to seal things up to prevent the bleed. Dries faster too!

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Very nice color!

I am setting up to do my first epoxy inlay - some V for Vendetta artwork for my son; the pigment sampler set from Smooth-on just arrived today. I am trying out the 9-pack found here: