First experience with v-bit 60

Hello my friends!
I recently used my v-bit 60 for the first time and it did not look perfect as you can see in the photo. The bit did not wipe the letters inside. Does it have to do with the depth I used? Or if the v-60 bit only works with some fonts?
Sorry for my English. :wink:

Easel? What’s your step over?

That looks like your max-depth is too shallow or your step-over is too large.

Stepover should not be more than 1%

A lot of tearing of wood fibres, probably due to shallow depth per cut / wood quality / feed rates.

Did you do a Easel Pro V-carve cut or just a regular Easel cut (using straight bit diameter value, with V-bit inserted)?
The step over is large, suggesting straight bit data w/ 40% step over while using a V-bit.

If possible, please share your Easel file publicly - we get more information that way :slight_smile:

As others have mentioned, it looks like the ‘stepover’ setting is way too high.

I’d also be tempted to see if you sharpen your VBit if you’ve got access to a flat diamond plate or hone of some kind. Don’t try and hone the “bevelled” edges of the bit, just hone the flat faces until you can feel a nice sharp ‘corner’ along the edge (against your thumbnail is a good test).

Vbits should be used for Vcarving, from the pictures it appears you are just tracing the line (profile cut). A small end mill (flat bottom) would be much better suited to this type of operation.

The Vbit really shines when it is allowed to cut a deep as necessary to fit the line width. (i.e. the deeper it cuts the wider the cut) But this means you are not able to predefine the depth of cut, it is calculated by the toolpath.