First few projects

Here are a few of my first projects…created in Easel Pro and/or Adobe Illustrator. Made quite a few mistakes…learned a lot!


Looks good. Keep up the good work.


Welcome to the forum, I like the clock!

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looks great!

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The clock looks great. It looks like flooring panel but together to create the material. I do have a question about the setup. It appears you have shims under the floor panels to get is level. Is that because the wasteboard is not level?

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The family sign with deep roots looks amazing

I wish my first projects looked that good. Well done. Welcome to the forum.


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In all fairness, I have a strong design and CAD background, and have been a woodworker for decades. However, CNC is new to me…drinking from a firehose!

Thank you for your kind words.

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Very beautiful works! :+1:

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Looking great!

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No shims under the workpiece, but, the material itself has intentional variations in thickness (hand scraped look) that causes some variation in cutting depth.
Having said that…I will be surfacing my waste board to flatten it as I noticed on my next project that it was off a little.

Thank You! I teach engineering at a high school tech center and this was for my custodian. He and his wife appreciated it.