First fusion 360 project (cw flash)

Im super lost on tool paths and if anybody can take a quick look as see if I’m missing anything

@RudyQuiroga Looks like you have some roughing toolpaths. Are you going to use a ballmill to finish the piece?

Don’t have any ball end mills …I ran all tool path with a flat end endmill

I see that. As you have it, you’re just generating roughing toolpaths that will create a stepped version of your design. You’ll need to add some finishing strategies to give it a smoother look. A ball end mill would help as well.

ok I’m slowly starting to get it lol … so should I add 3d parallel cut with a double edged ball nose? Which I apparently bought some time ago. ( amazon prime problem)

ok after spending some time looking up videos and tutorials. according to the simulation look like I got a smooth finish