First grand child, first project

Our first grand child, a boy, will arrive on mid january 2019. Since I recently retire, and having a lot more free time available, I decided to make his first toy…


Very nice and all though it looks simple a very time consuming project. Great job.

Thank you Wayne!

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Wow. They look great! You did an awesome job.

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Really, Really Nice!

Wondering what method you used to clamp them in place for carving?

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How long did that take? I am assuming you made a jig and carved quite a few all at once? VERY COOL

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They look awesome. Love the colors!

I did a similar thing a few months back so I know how much time goes into it :wink:

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Wow, those are terrific. They are sure to be an heirloom gift.

Did you carve 4 sides of each block? I started making some blocks for my grandson a few years ago and got frustrated after about 4 of them. Holding the blocks was much harder than I expected.

Your post actually give me the idea…Thanks!

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To be honest with you, I didn’ t write down the amount of time I spent. I painted the blocks first then I carved one side at a time. Herés how I clamped the blocks.


Simple, Clean and Brilliant!

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