First Inlay, didn't work out so well

Thanks in advance for any advice, this is a great forum for a brand new CNC user like myself. I look forward to being one of the people giving advice rather than just asking for it.

This is a logo I was inlaying for my wife’s work kitchen. The plug is maple and the board is edge grain cherry.

The bit was 60 degree 1/2 diameter.
Flat depth of the plug was .2 starting at .1 depth
Flat depth of the pocket was .3 starting at the surface of the board, .00

When sanding it flush, I noticed flex in the inlay and a hollow sound. After cutting open, i see that the plug only protruded .12 into the pocket. I was expecting .2 which may still not have been enough but I don’t know.

It was designed in Vcarve Pro.

I think my first problem was the 60 degree bit, should I have used a 90? My clamping probably wasn’t adequate either. I didn’t have deep throat clamps so I just put about 80#'s of weight on top and expected that to work.

I think If I had better clamping, this may have worked out better. Pics coming in a few.

Watch this video by Jay Bates, he ran into the same issue:
Inlay End Grain Boards - Lessons Learned - YouTube

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