First Inlay ... Hoosiers

Just had to share … with a couple of rainy days here in Wisconsin, I finally got around to finishing some projects including this inlay.

The inlay was done in bloodwood and fit with a little too much room/gap. I think it goes to the actual size of of my 1/32 bit … oh well eventhough there’s a slight gap still turned out pretty good for first one.


Nice job! Did you use the Easel inlay app? It has an adjustable tolerance.

look very nice. and by the way i am a Hoosier fan. can’t wait to see what archie does. i should try that. been trying to make coaster with the iu in it but just did not seem like i could get the right diminsions for the letters to fit together.

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Learned from the best …

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You can teach me how to do inlay!

It’s great result. Glad you didn’t make it flash to surface. Looks lot better this way.

Bob Knight 2020!

Excellent work

Here’s how it looks and works in the wild!


You finished that bottle before or after carving… :grinning: