First major success

This project was based on following a Vectric Aspire tutorial. It is my first major success. (Leave it to me to start with a more complicated project) It is comprised of three components assembled and the the heights adjusted to fit the 3/4" thickness of the mahogany board. The first two efforts were a disaster that taught me the importance of controlling the dust so that the v-wheels and tracks stay clean for uninterrupted travel. A slightly loose locknut at the top of the Z axis threaded rod was easily missed but the cause of issues for sure. I ran the tool paths using raster, cutting left to right with the grain. I use a Dewalt spindle. I used a 1/4" end mill for the roughing path at 60ipm/40% stepover and a 1/8" ball nose for the finish path at 60ipm/8% stepover. I had slowed the feeds as a result of previous issues so this project took about 10 hours but the results speak for themselves. Note that 8% of a 1/8" bit is only .01" so of course it’s going to take a while. This is how it looked right off the machine with only a 30 second scuff sanding to remove some “hairs” at some of the cut edges. Soooo, all you newbies fighting through the beginner frustrations, it can be done! It will work!


Note the lack of dust. The dust shoe works wonders. Also note how I addressed the issue of using the spindle lock button by putting a flat head screw into a countersunk hole from the inside and then a spring with a random surplus button on the outside to keep the screw head off the spindle lock until pushed.

I really like your spindle lock solution! How do you keep the flat head screw from vibrating out of the hole?

The flat head of the screw is on the inside near the spindle lock, recessed flush in a countersink in the plastic. The spring and knob keep outward pressure on the screw.

That makes sense! At first I thought the flat head was on the outside under the push cap, So the screw is just threaded into that cap outside. Excellent idea.

This is pretty spectacular. AND you’re a newbie? Nice work. Can’t wait to see how you make things MORE complicated!

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