First Model Boat project post

This is a pattern for a prop (4 inches in Dia.) Drawn in Solid Works sent as a STL to Vectric Cut3D. A two sided tool path was cut on my XCarve. It came out fine with very little hand finish work. The prop is for the Model of the tug Kingtson that is at the entrance of Mystic Seaport in CT.


That is super cool!!

Really nice! I would love to cut one and hang it on the wall in my homebuilt boat. Any chance you would be interested in sharing the file?

Would Share when I figure out how. Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to post a downloadable Gcode file?? Or how we share project files. Thanks

share the STL…


Nicely done!

Most users prefer to generate their own G-Code. Normally what is shared is the base file itself - in this case a STL. Simply attach the file to a reply to this post by clicking on the “UPLOAD” icon just like you did the photo above.

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some also live dangerously and run vagrant g-code they find on the web…

Beautiful… I was looking for a Wooden Prop Model to modify for a side project idea I had.
Id love to see if yours scaled up fro what I am doing, otherwise I am gonna have to design my own. Nice Job!

Just looking at the pic I see you used hot glue to lock down the wood without any clamps.
Great idea. Hot glue is cheap too. :wink:
Thanks for sharing.
I always learn new things and get great ideas from this forum!

I use hot glue all the time, just make sure everything is flat and down. There are also pins to locate the flipped job.

Here is my attempt to share the STL file.

Prop 3.STL (1.2 MB)

How Large and how many blades? Maybe I could draw one for you, if it is not a problem design.

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Would be a cool spinner. Nice job.

Where did you get the long end mill?

MSC Many years ago, I have all sorts of end mills from when I was working.

I was figuring 3 blades with a larger nose cone, i need to dig up the original rubber blade in replacing and get measurements…

Just a quick design for you Prop 3bladed.STL (866.2 KB)

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I used the “Prop 3bladed” file to carve this 3" prop. It came out great. Below is a photo of the front and back. Think I will now try it as an 8" to hang on the wall. Thanks for the file!