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First multi-layer text sign

I used Easel for this and found it incredibly easy to make text-on-text signage. Once the v-carve feature becomes available for Easel, I’m not sure I’ll need any other software for the types of signs that I make. I’ve only had my cnc for a little over a month, so having something simple like Easel to help me make more complicated designs is a huge advantage for me. I’m not technically savvy like a lot of folks here. Now the next step is to figure out how to stain this bad boy with multiple colors. That shouldn’t be frustrating at all! Tell me what you guys think about this.


Nicely done .what kind of wood did you use?

Looks awesome. I like the layered approach.

This is just 1x12 select pine from the local store. I think it’s 2 ft. long.

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I tried the layered approach using Inkscape and other programs, but the process was very confusing and frustrating for me. With Easel, I had it designed in under 10 minutes. So much easier. I’m sure there are things with the process that might be done better in these other programs, but for my purposes, this came out perfect.

That looks great! How do you plan to finish it?

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This turned out great! What fonts did you use and about how long did this take to carve? Did you do a two-step carve or use a single bit for the whole project?

I’ve seen a lot of these on Etsy and Google, so this was the idea. I’m just not sure how to go about this without screwing it up.


I know I used Lavanderia for the cursive font and Cinzel for the “Established” portion. I don’t remember exactly what was used for the last name.
Here’s the file if you want to check it out and use what I did. I used the two-step process with 1/4" and 1/16", but I probably should have gone with 1/32" instead. I had to go in and free-hand a few small parts when it was finished. The roughing took around an hour if I remember correctly, maybe shorter. The detail took closer to three hours. I am new to the feed rate speeds, so it’s possible I just went slower than most people would.

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Thanks for the response

Regardless, the end product looks fantastic. This may be my next project, thanks for the idea!

(Edit: the shared project “has not been shared publicly”, there’s a setting somewhere you need to change)

Brandon Fyi you where talking Stain i found this stain looks good on pine.


I guess I should look into that. If anyone knows how to do this, let me know. I haven’t been on the forums very long at all. Thanks for the kind words, Adam.

Is it pretty much available everywhere? I will look into that. I like the color of the American Walnut, and I have some Dark Walnut stain at the house. The two might work well with each other and a darker brown. Thanks for the suggestion!

I think it’s just a check box in the upper right when you go to edit your project. Give that a go and see if it works.

I think I got it. Try this and let me know if you can view it.

Yes, that worked. With the roughing operation for sure, you could likely increase your feed rate to at least 60in/min and DOC to over .100". Others may even go more aggressive than that. But again, your end product turned out amazing.

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Here lately, I have been doing 60-70ipm with the 1/4" bit and around 40-50 with the 1/8 and 1/16. I haven’t had issues with those speeds. My first try at speeding up the 1/32 resulted in a broken bit, so I have just been using the recommended setting for that one with no issues.

That looks great- great job!

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Like the others have said, your sign looks amazing!! As far as the multiple stain colors go, have you considered using a gilded wax? Most of them are metallic colored (gold, silver, bronze, etc.). I used some years ago on some picture frames that my dad and I made. Turns out well, and you don’t have to worry about drips or the color bleeding into other areas.

DecoArt is the maker of such a product, they call it Metallic Lustre Wax and is available at Home Depot and probably many other places as well.

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Thanks for the heads up, Robert. What depth would you suggest? I believe I did 0 depth for the cursive and .05 for the second layer. The final level was .1, so I put .05 in between each level. I thought I was going pretty shallow as it was.