First Pass Deeper

My first pass always seems to be deeper. I use fusion 360 and have a z-probe attached. Always get a little anxiety when chatter starts happening. Any insight would be appreciated

it may be due to my work surface. Any tips on how to level a work surface would be appreciated. Thank you for reading my post happy holidays.

Happy Holidays!

There are some tutorials/threads that go over the process of leveling a wasteboard. I would start the search with that. If I remember correctly, @PhillipLunsford made a video. If not, this would be another suggestion :slight_smile:

How is the behaviour if you stay entirely within Easel, ruling out post processor and CAM issues?
Which sender do you mainly use, Easel, UGS etc.

In Fusion360 CAM, under Setup ( and choose Edit) do you have stock offset values there?