First Paying gig!

Ok, so here is the mock up of the design for my first paying customer!! I used 1/2" “cheap” MDF for the rough draft the final will be in red oak.
dimensions 22.5" X10.25"x.5"


Rough draft


Looks great! Was it done with Vcarve?

Vcarve paths with Aspire.

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Great looking sign. Can you tell me how you applied different color fills on your mock up. I am currently learning vcarve and was trying to do that the other day but when I changed one they would all change.

From preview tool paths select the tool path you want to color,

then go up to machined area color choose “tool path color”, select a color do not click set all.

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I knew it had to be something I was missing. Thanks.

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I have been. I have only been playing with it for a couple of days but I tend to try stuff then go back to the videos when I get stuck.

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I like the use of texturing. It makes the sign stand out.

Yea I think it came out really nice , I just hope I can emulate the results in red oak , got a couple shiny new v-bits coming Monday!

Thanks ! What would you charge for a sign like this in oak painted ? I quoted 50$ each they want 2 …


would it be possible to see the settings in your texture toolpath?

Yea, I accidentally created it on my first ever carve Phil asked for them as well here’s the post.

Awesome! Not sure what I should be charging, I’m sure I’ll be getting a bunch of orders from this guy.

Can I ask a dumb noob question? I ordered my X-Carve this week so I’m trying to learn what I can… What does Vcarve do that Easel doesn’t do? or am I confusing things and Vcarve is something else not in relation to Easel?

Great sign BTW and I would charge more also.

It’s a “cheap” 24"x24"x.5" mdf sheet that lowes sells it got really fuzzy on the big lettering not sure if it’s heat related…

Edit: I’m sorry Home Depot not lowes!

Looks great! I have been putting off purchasing V-Carve. The only one I can really afford at the moment is the “Desktop” version. Congrats on the sign selling. 50 bucks is a steal for something like this. Good luck on the finish piece.

Ok so I think I’m going to run the final with some top grade cedar. What settings do you normally use for the v bit when you run jobs in wood. So far most everything I’ve done has been in mdf or with tiny engraving bits , I dont want to screw this up. I want to know all the settings you use for pine versus oak or walnut , mdf is so soft and I know I’m cutting it really fast as this sign only took about 1:45 all paths…

Feed ?
Clearance step over ?
Final pass step over ?
Pass depth?

I feel like when I run a v-carve it’s really taking big bites but I don’t want all the different pass marks that Usually don’t show in mdf, to show in the final draft …

Desktop is the version I have. They do offer the ability to upgrade from the Desktop version to the Pro version later by simply paying the difference between the two. Really the only limitations I have between the two are 1) the size limitations of Desktop is 24"x24" so about 5" smaller then the 1000mm Xcarve. 2) You cannot use the Gadgets they are releasing now either. 3) the material Optimization.

It’s top grade !! Already carving now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO!!, done in Cedar and painted , no shellac or poly until I show the customer and find out if they want it, I think it looks rustic like this, it would also kill that awesome smell, I love milling cedar!