First (practical) carve!

I did the robot + name since it seemed a good traditional test run, but really wanted to test out one of my primary use-cases: Embossing plates cut from delrin (maybe brass when my comfort level in design & machine tuning improves).

Results? I mixed, but a fully usable success!

The first photo shows the carved delrin, from a 0.25 sheet… the second tool path was with a 1/8 bit to cut out a rectangle around the celtic weave and it… well, failed. I’m not sure why, I think the bit might not have been secured tightly enough in the collet. It was supposed to run 5 passes at 0.05 cut depth. 40 feed rate. Instead by the third pass it was cutting the much deeper and in the space of about 2 seconds bottomed out to nick the waste board and then jamed enough to pull itself free of the collet at an angle.

But the pattern itself was fine, so after a bit of sanding around the edges I pressed an impression into some leather. The second photo shows the finished leather ring.

The carve:

The finished ring made from the impression:


If you do end up using brass get c360 it cuts really nice

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Stay away from aggressive cuts. Thumb of rules for rigid X-Carve is half of the bit size for depth per round. For new equipment without any upgrade or customizing is 1/4th of the bit size. That means if you use .125" bit, cut depth must be around .032" .

Whats the rule when using really small bits? Eg 1/32

Buy extras.


Use a tapered bit, it will last much longer.

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Haha, stop. I have my shopping asket full on drillman1’s ebay page. Just have to get around to buying them. Still trying to suss out the right bits I need

Snapped my 1/8 Vbit on 1st cut didn’t get 2" changed to 1/4 and ran like a charm.

Thanks, that sounds like a good rule of thumb. I’m just surprised the Easel software had those recommended settings

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Thanks, any decent sources for it? I was a bit disappointing the inventables shop had none

Hi Alan, what sort of upgrade or customizing would apply for something like this? For reference, I’m on the 750mm rail kit, 611 router. I’m up for a project if some diy upgrades will improve the machine. Thanks!

I bounce Between these 3 the most. I use onlinemetals when I can not get it on the auction sites

Mostly all documented on following friends post. You can find all kind of info not only upgrades but almost any problems you may have.