First project - Cubs shelf

Forgot to post a pic/info on my first project - the wife is a die hard Cubs fan, and had two autographed baseballs we picked up earlier this year. So, I figured I’d build her a simple shelf to display them on.

Back is 1/2" MDF, shelf is 1/4" and shelf is glued and slotted to the back. It’s not holding much weight, so I went with simplicity and looks over function. Drew the logo and designed the shelf in Adobe Illustrator and then exported files as svg into Easel. Painted it and then lightly sanded it to erase any mistakes. Came out pretty well.


Cool idea. Nice work! :sunglasses:

:+1: :+1:

I was looking for a place to post my first project and came across this thread. Figured it would be appropriate to add on! My brother is a Cubs fan and we are going to visit for Christmas.