First project - lanterns

I got my machine to make this public projects and am excited to finally have time to get started experimenting with other stuff, but these are the first 300 hours of cutting…

The small ones are 1/8" (and a few 1/4") PVC with Tyvek lining and cut vinyl images on the interior so they are only visible when back lit. approx 22" x15" x 15" with a few varriations

The large ones are 1/2" PVC, cut in two parts and epoxied at the dog bone joints. approx 52" x 26" x 26"

if you want to see more images of the small ones you can check out these images at

if you want to see more images of the large ones (and some of the small ones 25’ in the air) check out


Very very nice.

WOW! Very creative.

Those are fantastic