First Raised Project

This is my first raised carving on my X Carve. It’s for a guy I work with who’s son passed away at 3 months old. Can someone walk me through how to do raised stars and letters? I’ve tried some of the suggestions and haven’t had any luck. Is Easel Pro required to do this?


I’m fairly new so there may be an easier way to do it, but I’ve been creating my whole project in Photoshop, saving it, then importing it with image Trace. When you do this it gives you the option to invert the image. Just invert it and it will cut it the way you’re wanting.

If you can share your easel project we might be able to see what you’re doing. Placing a box around the entire image and setting that box depth below the surface of the piece might do the trick, but I’d have to check it in easel to figure out the steps.

Yeah man, when I get back to my desktop, I will share it. With this one, I did the photo trace and selected the inlay option