First run fail calibration - Z axis reversed

I started the easel calibration, and failed in the first stage of setting the limit switches. It first starts with the Z axis, and instantly begins plunging downward. The first time it bottomed out as I didn’t stop it soon enough. The next run I clicked stop, then the “axes moving in wrong direction button” which says no problem, we will reverse it, but when I click the button it just sends me back to the homing calibration, nothing changed, it’s an infinite loop.

I did go back and check all my wiring, all seems to be exactly per the assembly instructions.

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I remember having that issue but clicking the button did the trick. Maybe try another browser to rule that out? I have hate some issues in Safari before

yep, thought of that, tried two different browsers, no luck. This Z-Axis just seems reversed. During the jog test sequence I can raise and lower my Z axis, it’s just backwards.

maybe will help

big thanks michay. Turns out every axis was reversed. i have now incorrectly wired every axis according to the assembly instructions and now my machine is working perfectly. Thanks!

@Zach_Kaplan @BartDring @EricDobroveanu this is one of a few recent posts where new Xcarve users are reporting all axis swapped when wiring per instructions and having issues swapping in Easel. Did something change in Easel defaults or motor connections?

Yes, the wiring diagram had all black/green wires reversed.

Only in the homing switch calibration, and it never reverses them, just sticks in a loop of testing the switch (incorrectly).

I had this on the new xcarve, all axis were moving in reverse. During the set up I clicked the button to change direction rather than swap wires but I had to do it 6 or 7 times during the set up before it actually saved it

This is why I tagged the Inventables folks. Something is not working properly and needs investigation. If your a new machine owner, an email to their support may also help them investigate.

It should also be mentioned that those running high dpi settings cannot use easel as it does not reformat the page and half the UI runs off the page.

First calibration last night. All axis were reversed so I flipped the green and black wires opposite of the assembly instructions for each axis. Disabled the limit switches because the X and Y limit switches didn’t work, I’ll trouble shoot that today. First carve was a success and that made me happy.

Well that’s at least four different people reporting the wiring diagram in the assembly instructions is incorrect.

Hey guys, I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker so we can start investigating (this is the first I’ve heard of this issue).


I had the same issue that all movements on all axis are reversed. I used easel’s “reverse” rather than re-wiring because I followed the directions on their site TWICE and still everything was reversed. Are you guys saying to change this via wiring all I have to do is swap BLACK and GREEN.

Also, I put in a ticket to Inventables … in fact I might have done 2 of them and I am still waiting for any response. Thank goodness for an active forum and all of you.

I would prefer to have remedied the situation via software, but that’s assuming the wiring diagram was in fact correct. Since I was unable to proceed past the homing steps, and the reverse feature was not working, I did in fact reverse every green/black wire. That’s assuming every axis is reversed on your machine.

That’s not the purpose of the discussion. The purpose of the discussion is for Inventables to be aware of a situation many new customers are finding themselves in. Most notably, the fact the axes are reversed and the built-in failsafe is not functioning. Certainly Inventables does not want new customers having to fall back on user generated content to resolve issues right out of the gate.

You appear to be under the presumption the wiring is correct, which contradicts the factory installed grbl settings. Once Inventables lets us know, the best method will be self-evident - which at the moment could be both rewiring or software.

Inventables has stated in a different thread they’re working on this.

It is probably a combination of both.

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That sounds like the most logical solution.

I was talking about the software the product came with (and the reverse button in the initial setup). It’s wasn’t about you, Phil.