First Stacked carve question

Still very new to this. Used Easel to create a “Stacked” carve.
Used 2 bits. Rough pass was a 1/4" down cut bit. Finish was a 1/16" up cut.
Everything seemed to go well. No movement on the bit change. Reset the z on the bit change.
This was just a test cut.
If you look at the pictures you will see a couple areas that did not get finished to the final depth.

  1. Left side of the “D” and “T”
  2. between the G and the A
  3. Between the A and the Y upper area
  4. Between the V and the E.

Is this something that i did wrong?
If this is something with Easel, how do I correct it?
I am using Firefox as the web browser.

Don’t know what else to tell you to help out.


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Very cool! What size board did you use?

Looks great! I’m new to this to and have lots of questiond.

It cam out of my junk pile. It was a 1" thick stair tread.


I was surprised at how it came out. (happy)

But then i noticed the what i would call shadows that were not taken down to the base carve depth.

Dont know why that happened.
Want to try and stop it from happening again.


That looks great. I just tried my first stacked carve the other day as well. It was much easier than I thought it would be and opened my eyes to a lot of new possibilities.

I just purchased a down cut bit that I was told would eliminate some of the imperfections in mine.

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@RobertDavet Can you share the Easel project? There are a couple things it could be.