First 'successes'

After battling a few issues with my xcarve, I finally had success. My wife is a teacher and asked me to design/make the following. The “moon phase” is walnut and oak. She picked the font and it didn’t do so well small, but she was happy enough with it to ask for a second one. The other is meant to be a color wheel, she is going to stain each of the circles a specified color then each of the overlaps will be a combination of the circles that overlap.


2 1/4" hose:

1 1/2" hose:

I’ve seen a few homemade dust boots, but here is mine. It was something I threw together quickly in easel. The slots are sized to use a 1"x2" to mount the boot to the x-carve (dewalt) spindle. The slot near the dust collector opening is so I can attach the hose. I created a cut out for the front of the x-carve platform, my first one didn’t and it went crash.

The 1 1/2 hose worked well for me, the 2 1/4 I just created because i wanted better airflow. YMMV.

My wife took away the color wheels before I could take pictures of them colored in…but here is a nightlight for my daughter. It is about 30" wide and 10" tall (bottom<->top fin)…