First test cut, now problems!

So after playing around for a week, I got my XCarve assembled and wired. I didn’t go with a fully populated kit, so did have a few issues with assembly and wiring using my on-hand parts. I’ll draft a post in the assembly section to help other newbies in the same situation. Went through the machine setup and corrected my reverse movements, etc. I even ran the “demo” first cut without the router installed in the machine, just so there was no chance it would eat itself if something was wrong. Finally I ran my first test cut using Easel, simply my name in a blockish script on a piece of scrap wood from a pallet. It came out Awesome! I probably need to run through a calibration to make sure it is correct to .001, but to the eye it looks perfect.

Now the problems begin. First, I realize I need a bunch of new router bits! $50 later and I have a basic start. Then I recognize it’s way past bed time, so shut the shop down, and head in. But I can’t sleep. Visions of routing and upgrades dance through my head. Today, I can’t even think about what I’m supposed to be doing at work! I’m flagging down everybody I can and show them the cool carving and engage them in a 20 minute conversation on what I can do. I think I’ve caught a disease without a cure.

In all seriousness, thanks to the inventables team for putting together an awesome kit and making this possible. I’ve lusted after CNC routing since I first saw a demonstration in college in 1984. At that time a simple machine with fewer capabilities than the XCarve was over $100K. I’m just giddy that I can finally have that capability myself!



Have you picked what software you want to use to design and create tool paths?

I recommend Vcarve Pro. I’m not close to being versed in this software but the more I read and view their training videos, this program is awesome.

good luck moving forward.

Welcome to community Rick, let us know if you run into any problems in the future. So many good people here watching after each other. Happy carving.

I purchased VCarve Pro with the kit. I just haven’t loaded it yet. Wanted to test with a “known” control solution to wring the bugs out.

You have chosen wisely.

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Agree, just spend some time with the training videos.

A good winter project for me at least.

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