First Time First Cut

I did my first cut and used the REINDEER project listed.

I used all the settings that the software suggested and
used the 1/8 inch bit that came with my x carve upgrade.

The project was running pretty good ( I could use some fine tuning
on the belt tightening and some squaring up on X,Y and Z).
The biggest problem I had was by the time it was almost done the
router bit was burning out and stop cutting that cause motor skipping.
Is this a problem with feed rate and speed or the bit itself.
I believe that the Inventables bits are HSS and not

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thanks for all in the forum for all your help as I work through
the beginning stages of X Carve ownership.


Lower the RPM of the router to 1. That is about 16,000RPM and still way to fast for most tools and feedrates you are using.

If you bit has turned black, you have pretty much ruined it.

Here is some additional information

I’m using the Dewalt 611 router

Feed Rate 30in/Min

Plunge Rate 9 in/Min

Depth per Pass .028 in

It was set on number 6, the highest setting.

Will try it again with the new speed adjustment and a new bit.

Thanks !!!


Have you tried again? Interested to hear your results after the speed change.

Waiting for my new bit to arrive.

Sounds good, looking forward to hearing your results :slight_smile: