First time to use box maker app

What on earth happened??? I imported it or rather created it from thr box maker app in easel and it cut like this I don’t think I changed any settings. Do I need to make one outside and one inside cut ? I didn’t think I should change anything butttt… here it is. My failed piece de resistance. Insight? Bummed but glad it was only pine.

Stock thickness?
Box generator parameters?
Hard to guess without more info.

Stock was .75"

L 20"
W 11"
H 2.5"

Bit 1/8"

I thought maybe I didn’t select something correct?

Sorry. I misread. I thought you were using a third party box generator. I don’t really use Easel
Looks like @PhillipLunsford made a video on this.

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Yea I saw one of his vids but he didn’t say to change anything. I did everything the way he did I thought but I’m floored as to what went wrong. He didn’t change settings and neither did I. I did close the box. I will try once more and hope for the best.

You should be able to notice in the preview of the cuts look like they’re that far off. Don’t cut it off it looks off.

Looks like your bit might be cutting larger kerf than 1/8 inch.
Do some testing by using that bit and cutting a 1 inch square pocket. also cut outside a 1 inch square, measure the results. If pocket is 1.1" and the groves around the 1 inch square then the bit is cutting .130 and not 1/8".
You can tell Easel your bit is .13 to correct if that is the case.
You cannot assume that a bit will cut exactly as labeled. Make test cuts first.
Also don’t assume that bit will cut the same every time you place it in the spindle if you do not have a precision collet or are not cleaning the collet occasionally. Just a little runout can make a big difference.

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So I went down this rabbit hole tonight and low and behold, you were very correct. The cuts are not 1" at all. Not one of them came out to be 1". They drastically ranged. Even the box app I stated tabs to be 1" and they came out to be .87 and the gaps were 1.12.

So if I use the box app built into easel I feel like I should be changing one side to outside or inside cut to compensate? Strange because it basically delivers itself to not have to change those settings. Grr.

So what did you 1 inch test pockets measure?
Your tab and slots seem a bit extreme for bit variation of runout.
Have you checked your steps/mm calibration?
If you tell the machine to jog 10 inches how far does it jog?

The first picture is online, 2nd inside, 3rd outside. I tested the steps and it did come out to 10" I will try a smaller box test to see if it comes out or not maybe you can’t exceed the app generator choices (it stopped at .50" and I stated .75" for thickness. I simply need to do another cut to see if it really was the app or if I did maybe unknowingly change something I think.