First time working with Aluminum

First off we have a X-carve 1000. I have been making a emblem for a car for someone in tinkercad. I have it about right and am ready to move to the first run in metal stages. I have some sheets of 6061 1/4 Aluminum. And the piece I’m wanting to make has a lot of small detail and slopes.IMG_3430|605x369
The picture above is for reference, what is the best way of doing this? Do I need to make a simplified version without the detail and run that first then come back with a smaller bit? Also the bottom will have a small inlay for double sided tape, and a hole for the light to fit into the bezel. I have enough sheets to redo it a couple of times, but want to make sure I have this right.
I ran a test out of wood and it worked well considering we were using a larger bit and running it fast. But I have to make some connectors so the piece doesnt get loose and I am rather new to Easel.

Are you planning on generating 3D toolpaths?

I’m not sure what you mean. I have a STL file built and have 3d printed it for testing and I have it where I want it to be. But when I tested the x-carve on a piece of wood it tries to do all of it at once and it just doesn’t turn out well. So when I do it in for real I know Im going to need a smaller bit for the details, but dont want to use it the entire time.

How did you get it into Easel?
Are there 3D elements? You mentioned “slopes”.

Yes there are slopes and there are numbers raised up on one side with peaks and valleys under them. I attached a link in first post of what I’m making.

Easel doesn’t import STLs. Are you generating the toolpaths in another program?

I was going to change the file and move it into easel. I apologize for my lack of knowledge, I am learning this machine so this is new to me.

You can generate gcode from an STL-file and export it (CAM) with a post processor (PP) suited to translate into the proper gcode format that Easel accept, and then have Easel “send” that gcode to the CNC.