First try with Pro Vcarve

Ok finally have time to try out Easel Pro and posting this in the middle of the first run.
Tested on 3 computers different browsers wifi and wired connections same issue arose on all 3
The Issue after some digging was browser memory allocation. So after some editing with the browser config no more freezing up. The browsers were the only program hanging everything else on the computer worked fine.

This vcarve was a stress test so a small tool was used to provide a large and complex tool path Before Browser memory mod detailed preview and path before mod 51 minutes plus much longer as it tried to update after every action freezing the browser. After mod about 18 minutes total and no lockups.

only current issue is the program has to do the tool path generation once more before cutting can start which is kind of a P.I.T.A.
I will update after all is said and done.