First with V-Carve

I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I did screw up and left the feeds and seeds about 4 times faster than they should have been! Still came out ok! Can’t wait to do more!


Very nice. I’m hoping to do similar stuff when I get an X Carve!

very nice going to try my first v-carve today

Very nice. Where is the best price for V-Carve.

Looks great. How did you do the flats in the bottom of your letters? Did you actually do two separate toolpaths, and change bits from a v-bit to an end mill for the flats?

Very nice piece of work there Andrew; gives me ideas!


Very nice, clean appearance and I’m sure your effort will be appreciated.

Your next step should be stacked text. :smile:

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There is a setting in V-Carve Pro that allowed me to do the flat bottom.

I’ve seen that setting. Did you have to change bits, or did you do even the flats with the v bit?