Fitting one piece into another

I am trying to cut a piece the is .75 deep by 1.25 wide (piece 1) and have it fit into a hole cut into another piece (piece 2). I have the measurements the same but how do I set up the cuts? I cut piece 1 outside the line, and I cut piece 2 inside the line, but that left a huge difference in the sizes. Piece 1 was correct but piece 2 was too small. What are the proper settings?

Can you share the project so we can take a look at what you are wantng to do?

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Is it a rectangle, with corners?
An inside cut will leave radiused corners with the same radius as the end mill. Design for that, and your logic sounds good.

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This can happen if your steps per inch are not set right or if your bit is actually a different diameter than what you told Easel.

I recommend the following…

  1. model a rectangle that is 1" by 2"
  2. cut ON the line of the rectangle, not inside and not outside.
  3. measure the two directions of the rectangle the X Carve cuts out.

Now let’s call the measurement of the short side “S” and the measurement of the long side “L”. They will not measure 1 inch and 2 inches because of the diameter of the bit.

if you calculate L - 2 * S , that will be the diameter of your bit.

if you calculate S - L , that should be an inch. If it is too small or too big, you will need to adjust your steps per inch.

Once you know the diameter of your bit and have your steps per inch dialed in, you should be in good shape for making pieces fit together.

That said, you will need to have a tiny bit of allowance to have the pieces fit together rather than them being the same size. One way to do that is to understate the diameter of your bit to Easel by just a smidge. That will cause the cuts to be a bit bigger than they nominally should be creating the necessary slip to have the inner fit inside the outer.