[Fixed] Copy/paste design elements between projects?

I’ve been working on some different parts in separate projects that will eventually all go together. I was a little surprised to discover that I couldn’t copy an item from one project and paste it into another. Is this something that’s feasible as a feature? Barring that (or in addition to?), the ability to save and reload discrete shapes/elements for use in multiple projects would be an awesome thing to have.

Just a thought. :smile:

Good idea. Maybe an Insert/Import command, too?

This seems to work in Chrome.

@TimothyHanson if you have multiple projects open in separate tabs, you should be able to copy and paste elements between them. Does that work for you?

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This feature works in Firefox on a Mac

@chrisbalin I was going to say no, but then I tried using the keyboard shortcuts instead of looking for a menu option, and Lo! There was pasting. Now I feel like a great big doofus. I’m generally loathe to rely on menus and almost always have one hand on the keyboard for shortcuts, but for some reason I’ve just become complacent with Easel’s menus. I guess I just expected to see a Paste option if something was in the buffer.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled machining. Nothing to see here. [waves hand] Move along. Move along.

I guess I just expected to see a Paste option if something was in the buffer.

It’s supposed to be there! I just tried copying shapes between tabs and Paste didn’t show up for me either. Not sure why that’s happening, but it’s a bug. We’ll look into it.

We fixed Easel’s Edit menu so the Paste menu item should show up now whenever appropriate.


Awesome! :slight_smile: Thanks for the all hard work you guys/gals are putting into Easel. I’m finding it more and more useful as the days pass, and relying less on my more complex software for easier jobs.

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