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[fixed] Dog bone generator issue

Can you post screen shot or specific step-by-step instructions for how to reproduce, with what you expected vs. what happened?

Hmmmmm that is very strange. Sorry about not replying for so long. I posted the dogbone generator app in the Inventables github repo if you want to try it out.

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Really sorry, thought this was in the developer section and you were hoping to get into the source code of the app to make changes. I’ll have to carve out some time to inspect these issues.

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Ok I finally fixed it! Sorry again about the delay.

Phil I too think the dog bones where bigger then needed when I put in my bit size. Can u comment if that was fixed as well?

. Over all the app is great! And I really enjoy it!

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Looks like the size of the dog bone has been discussed at length here.

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If @paulkaplan is using notchRadius / sqrt(2) then that is not correct. The offset (along the 45° path, since we’re dogboning a 90° angle) should be x which is the diagonal d minus the radius R.

Looks like that’s what he’s doing. From the code on github:

var notchOffset = params[“Notch Size”] / Math.sqrt(2);

I believe Notch Size is the value the user inputs when they call up the app. I believe it SHOULD be the diameter of the bit but you can change it so it is bigger or smaller (I don’t know why you would want to but you can).

Perhaps the best method would be to replace Notch Size with Bit Diameter, make it no longer user editable (or the user can select between their roughing bit or detail bit sizes), and change it to

var notchOffset = (params[“Bit Diameter”]/Math.sqrt(2)) - (params[“Bit Diameter”]/2);

@paulkaplan - Any input?

Yeah I could change it to that! Good idea.

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Yeah I could change it to that! Good idea.

Good idea @AngusMcleod

If you can figure out how to make it generate dog bones like the tight ideal ones, it would be a crazy powerful tool!

Hopefully once Paul changes that it should. Trust in Angus’ math! It looks like it should be pretty good if not perfect.

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Same here. All I know is I set up a dog bone with the app and looked at it and said “I think if you offset the dog bone in by about the radius of the bit it looks like it should line up pretty well.” Angus said the same thing with a lot more numbers (I think).

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Tried this, but it seemed to give the same result. I halved that whole value and it made things much tighter, and looking at the tool paths (making sure to use the same bit diameter as selected in the app), looks like it will make the correct tight dogbone. Anybody want to try?

Here is a demo:

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Late to the party here - but when using the dogbone generator app on a box created using the Box Maker app, I get corner cut-outs that are significantly bigger than needed. Almost like I am using some old version of the app…

Are apps cached locally somehow?
Any possibility I’d actually be using an outdated app version - how would i check?
I did use the dogbone app in Easel way back when it was kind of new, maybe it stuck in my browser cache or something…

Firmware gCarvin 1.1.5
Easel driver version 0.3.2

As for Easel itself… not sure. Where do I find that? It’s just a web page, right?
So it should always be pulling down the latest version from Inventables’ servers?

Really? Can’t find it there:

Maybe it doesn’t show because I am doing a carve right now… Will check again when carve is done.