Fixed Dust Extractor

I printed the posted mount and am using with dewalt 611. It works great I actually cut about an inch off the pieces that go into the extrusion and redrilled holes for mounting so I did not have to take z axis apart to install it

just milled the acrylic from a plastic food container and came out perfect. Now I can’t wait to mount it up. I just need a sleeve to connect my vac hose to the extractor.

Both the Dewalt 611 router & the 3d printed dust shoe (thanks to @FrancisMarasigan for posting those files), arrived from a 3dhubs vendor. Printed in Black PLA in high quality; I don’t know too much about 3d printing, but the quality looks pretty good, and the vacuum adapter snaps into the shoe, although I’ll most likely be adding some epoxy to make it more permanent.

Just a few more days… UPS says my X-Carve will be arriving by end of day on Tuesday!

I’m trying to cut out the acrylic cover as my first Xcarve project, but am having some trouble. I am using a 1/4" bit (still waiting for the 1/8" collet I ordered for my Dewalt 611), and the part is always coming out too small. I tried selecting outline “follow path” and “outside,” but it didn’t seem to make a difference. It appears the correct part size is right in the middle of my cut, regardless. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I opened the DXF in Illustrator and saved it to a SVG from there.

Is the part shape just a circle like it appears in the pictures? If so, I’d measure the opening and just create a circle to match in Easel. You can enter the size by hand to get it precise. Select outside for the cut and make sure you pick the right endmill diameter when you start the carve. If that still doesn’t work I suspect you might have some tuning to do on your machine.

Usual culprits are stepper motor power (ie: turn up X/Y axis pots), v-wheel tightness, slipping pulleys, and loose belts. There are lots of threads to give tuning advice.

Good luck!

I think you may want to read this thread: Adjusting motor current/voltage

It’s as Mark pointed out either related to pulley tightness, or the amount of power available to the motors. The linked thread should send you down the correct path for diagnosing which is which however.

I’m not sure if it’s okay to link to outside sources, but if anyone is interested in having the part printed, you can visit my 3D Hubs page. The price should be around $18-20 with shipping depending on how far you’re located from me.


Figured it out. The problem was that the outer border DXF file had multiple paths in it when I converted to SVG, and the inside/outside feature only works with closed loops. I joined the multiple paths into a single path in Illustrator and re-saved as SVG and problem solved. Here is my modified SVG file.

Yep already sent mine over for printing total was just a tad over 17.00 and its close to me so i can pick it up

Wow, that is a good price. I paid almost triple that.

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@FrancisMarasigan - I had mine printed on 3Dhubs as well. I had mine done in red PLA. He did a great job - $18 delivered to the house.

I’m having the same problem but as I’m new to Illustrator I’m having difficulty finding how you join multiple paths. Can you point me in the right direction?

You should just be able to right click and download the SVG I posted.

Or, in illustrator, select one of the lines you want to combine with the black cursor, then click drag over the intersection of the two lines with the white cursor, then Edit-Path-Join, I believe.

Thanks Christian! On your posting the attached SVG file displayed as a graphic image so I missed that it was an actual attachment.

Also sent you an order, thanks! :slight_smile:

What is the thickness of the acrylic to use for this? 1/8"?

I used 1/8" lexan (polycarbonate).

My X-Carve is ordered and on the way. I decided to go with the Dewalt 611, and I’m going to be printing this fixture to use with it.
Thanks for creating and sharing with the group!

Printed mine (white PLA… got kind of melty and boogered up the top/nose, but that’s okay)… can’t wait to get my X-Carve and Dewalt 611 to put it to use. :smile:

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But it’s WHITE. :slight_smile: . Looking perfect.