Fixed Dust Extractor

I’d like to know this as well…I want one but have no access to a 3d printer. Any recommendation on where I can get this printed?

I couldn’t say about cost or where to have it printed since I have my own printer, but I can tell you that it took about 5 hours to print mine at a coarse ( .3mm layer height ) resolution which is sufficient for functional pieces. Higher resolution would take longer. Oh, it also took about 20 meters of 1.75mm filament. You could maybe use that to estimate what it would cost to have made by a printing service. Francis’ looks like it would take a lot longer to print if for no other reason than the fact that it’s two pieces that have to be printed vertically. When 3D printing, vertical height typically translates to time taken.

I don’t know what all that means but sounds like it translates to $$$$ and me standing at the machine with my vacuum in hand for some time to come. Thanks for the input. quoted me $14 and 3 days turn around time. I am trying to set it up now, but it appears to be blocked from my work computer.

Edit: Order submitted…I’ll post details as they unfold :slight_smile:


That’s not a bad price, when I got my 611 airflow deflector printed, it cost about $25.

I ended up cutting the air diverter from 3/4" MDF. Quick, easy and works well.

Wow $14. Thats cheap. If i printed this probably charge $40 cause it takes 5 hours to print on .2mm resolution plus shipping. Don’t know how they come up with that price. :smile:

Yah, I just went onto that 3dhubs, and everything around me is 40-50 bucks to print that…you got a good deal!

The guy that will be printing the part is literally down the street from me.

Francis, if you are looking to make some money on this I would gladly pay you to print one out. I would rather give the money to someone on the boards here then sub it out to the net.

20 meter filaments and 5 hours to print, I say the $14 probably really on the bottom I’m not sure if the guy even earn something on that price range. Just buy the guy a beer then if his on same street. :smiley:

For hose, I’m using this one:

Also I used miniral spirit or acetone to glue the two parts since I’m using ABS

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@DavidYerkes $45 plus shipping, I usually print this on overnight as I have ton of printing jobs to do on daytime.

You need to cut the top acrylic. The DXF for that is also included on my posting.

I have separat 3d files for makita router adapter for 611 and air deflector.

I also glued some foam pads on bottom of the shoe. THis helps to pushed down my composite materials being cut that cause vibration when cutting is almost done because the cut materials has less holding surface and its also make the air direction concentrated on one direction flow.

Ok, how do we go about this transaction. Like I said I would rather pay you than someone else.
And this is definitely for the 611 correct?

I never actually tried it on the 611 router but im using 611 mounting so Im thinking it should be same. You can PM me and will send you paypal info.

Here are two versions of Francis’ design that I just got from the local printer shop. One in ABS the other in PLA. You can’t see it but the ABS version distorted apparently due to some heat related problem but the PLA version turned out perfect. Total cost was $50. Last question for Francis, you mentioned using M3 x 12 set screws and I’m inclined to use nylon screws rather than metal to preserve the threading in the fixture. Would you agree?

Let me know how it works, mine will be here tomorrow. I ordered mine in red PLA.

You can try but I think you still need to pilot the thread with metal and you probably know that. :smiley:

Just curious which one is the PLA, and who printed them for you? I have been looking for a dust shoe like this. I would love to see this in action on the dwp611, I would also like to know if the air diverter would be nessesary with this design?