[fixed] Profile Picture

I can’t seem to add a custom profile picture. I uploaded a square photo and once the upload is done nothing happens. Are there some other requirements for profile pictures I’m missing? Size maybe?

Yeah, haven’t been able to get an avatar to work myself either. I was able to get my picture set up on the “projects” page, but it doesn’t come over to the forum.

I’m pretty sure you have to use the “Gravatar” settings.

When you go to the profile page, look for the link to Gravatar in blue before you add a profile pic you must make it with Gravitar, hope that helps

Eh, think I’ll live with my “D” then. I have MORE than enough random logins :smile:

I’m trying to use the third option “add a custom picture”, nothing seems to happen.

Yeah, looks like that doesn’t work. You have to go register with Wordpress and create an account to create a “Gravitar,” that you can then use here. :smile:

I guess it’s a big R for me!

Hey guys,

I’m honestly really sorry for letting this issue go on for so long. But today I finally got around to fixing it. The issue was with settings on our image host (Amazon S3).

Everyone go nuts with avatars now!


Hoorah hoorah, it works! :smiley:

Yay! Finally got around to updating my profile! Thanks @paulkaplan!

Hey there you are @rusty!