[fixed] Using tabs?

Hi Guys

I was cutting something out, and as it was closer to finishing, the piece i was cutting started rattling, and flew off leaving a huge chunk…argh

i did the same cut again, and this time clicked tabs. this did not work as no tabs were present. with that said, the same thing happend

i’m not sure when the spindle would start lifting at certain points creating tabs, but that never happened


Hi @GamerGuy I carved a piece of corian out today using tabs and it worked. It left 4 tabs around a circle. If you check the tabs box it should be making tabs.

Would you be willing to share the link to your Easel file so I can take a look?

do i send it to you?

No I was carving out the top for a Corian table:


easel prompted to update, and now the tabs work after update

I’m in the same boat. I actually have my design ready to carve, and I’m having trouble with tabs. I am cutting out a rectangle (among other things), and I think it should have tabs. However, when I click the Tabs box, I don’t see anything change on the 3-D rendering. Am I doing something wrong?