[fixed] Why is there no Ctrl-Y (redo)

Why is there no Ctrl-Y function? I see that it is in the drop down menu but the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work.
Every program I have ever used that uses the copy, paste, select all or undo keyboard shortcuts has the ability to also use Ctrl-Y for redos.
I don’t know if there is some other use for the Y key that maybe I don’t know, but I figured I would ask.
Thanks for your time.

Try Shift-ctrl-Z


you rock!
still don’t know what its not CtrlY
but Ill take it!!

list of shortcut keys anywhere?

Not that I’ve seen.

I just saw one a few days ago but of course forgot to grab a copy

Here is the keyboard shortcut list on the Easel support page…


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Now there is! Thanks for bringing this up. We’ve added Ctrl + Y as another shortcut for redo in addition to Ctrl + Shift + Z. Just deployed it… now! (honestly)

For the keyboard shortcut geeks: I didn’t know this before, but it looks like the divide between ctrl-y and ctrl-shift-z is partly a mac vs. windows thing. We are definitely happy to have both! Source: https://www.quora.com/Keyboard-Shortcuts-What-is-more-common-as-an-redo-button-Ctrl-Shift-Z-or-Ctrl-Y


Holy smokes?! For real?!
You rock Paul!
I was trying to get used to using the shift and ctrl but it was wierd. Lol
Thanks you so much for adding that and for doing it so fast!


Sigh. I would have done this so you could do something more useful…

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I figured this was the quickest way to get in touch with you.
just found out that in Easel if I select the icon of the WiFi symbol is shows up with like an eight bit style
heart with it.

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