[Fixed] X axis sudddenly having issues

So I’m cutting 1/2" birch, on a 1000m machine using a Bosch colt with an 1/8" 2flute spiral bit.My cut speed is 45ips at .04"cut depth. I’ve also done the x-axis stiffening mod.

I’ve cut a few dozen of the same part with no issue. But today, the X axis seems to be slipping. Also when it’s jogging to the first cut, it’s moving much more slowly then normal. When I jog the machine with the transport controls, it works fine - smooth and quick. Manually pushing it seems smooth as well.

Do the arduino voltages have to be adjusted from time to time? The V-wheels all seem tight as does the belt. After trying a few adjustments I realized it’s also cutting too deep with each pass. measures about double what it should be.

The slow move to the first cut seems to have been fixed [fixed] Slow Initial Rapid

Thanks Andy, that was the problem.