Fixing an SVG into Layers

nativity scene

Hi Folks,
I have an SVG, the problem is I need the red and blue separated so I can draw the blue, and only carve the red.
Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
Thank You
Martin Gutzmer

Here you go, Martin. You should download and start learning to use Inkscape.

As I said before, this design is setup to be laser cut. You might be better off designing your own, based on the general idea.

nativity scene_BLUE
nativity scene_RED

Hi Neil, thank You!
Did you happen to save these as SVG files?
If you did, could you please send them to me at
Thank You so very much!
God Bless,

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Hey Martin,
Those are SVGs.
Right click–>Save as

Hi Neil,
I am downloading Inkscape, and will try to figure out to use it.
Thank You Again for your help.
God Bless,


Martin check your email

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Feel free to ask Inkscape questions.