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Looks great! Your welcome.

Heck yea thanks man. At first it started out as a neat way to help the Xcarve pay for itself but now I just love making these things for myself lol.

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Had to finish them so I could start on the dont tread on my file tomorrow :grin:

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looks cool phil… thanks

Just finished spraying a new design. Fingers crossed my Cards get the wildcard slot!


looks great!

Eclipse shadow on a quick and dirty CO flag. With a ¼ bit they cut fast and are easy to paint


Just a few more I made today.


My Version of the Punisher skulls 1/2" MDF about 29" tall if I remember right. Going to make some smaller ones eventually.


looking great… except the cowboys one

Yea. I was waiting for some CB hate. Im not a fan of football in general. They took our football team (Rams) not that they were any good Im just a home team supporter. How did you paint those punisher skulls? I did mine with a small brush and it was a pain in the butt.

One of my home made Xmas presents. This was after 2 coats. I sanded-3rd coat-sanded-4th coat since the picture was taken. After 2 coats it looks good but by the time you sand and recoat man does it make a difference.


Nice flag!! I just finished one for a fellow worker. My first real job on my new XCarve. (Thin Blue LIne Flag) Has not been sealed or anything in this pic. Prior to the XCarve showing up I was doing these flags with a Dremel. (Similar to the green flag shown)IMG_0089IMG_2994
Man is life so much easier now! These are nearly 3 ft by almost 5 ft to scale. Now if I can just master VCarve! Keep up the good work!


nice looking flags. are you from terre haute.

South of Terre Haute in Sullivan, IN

good to know i am up in Kentland. i used to go down there fishing a lot years ago. you do nice work.

Happy with the way this flag with hidden compartment turned out!


Be careful using the punisher skull. Marvel apparently just announced they are starting to go after people for using it without permission. I’d say they will have their hands full on that one lol

Can i ask how you guys placed your flags for carving? Im new and wanna do some for my dad. Not sure the size i wanna do will fit in the xcarve area.

Flag and star design videos