FlashCut .fgc files with Easel

Hi all! I am new to the X-Carve but have tons of files that were programmed using BobCAD/CAM for use with the FlachCut post processor. A few files work and some do not when trying to cut through Easel. Has anybody else tried using .fgc files with any success? Please let me know what I am doing wrong or if I should format my g-code for a different post processor.



Can you open with a text editor? I’m not familiar with fgc files, but if it’s standard Gcode you should be able to at least see why it’s not working.

I have looked at it a bunch and cannot figure out why it is not working. Every new thing I try I get new error codes. Steep learning curve, I guess. I have been running FlashCut for 15 years but now cannot get the files I have to interface with G-Code Sender nor Easel. I’ll figure it out eventually. LOL

If you share a file that’s not working, I’ll take a look.

Cool. I will send it later tonight or tomorrow. Thank you!

How do I share the file in the forum? Or should I send it to you directly?

You should be able to upload it here. The little up arrow symbol. That way, others can take a look too.

lance test.fgc (13.6 KB)
Here is the file. Thanks again!

Some issues with that file:

  1. No feedrate

  2. No unit specified (looks like inches, but will default to mm)

  3. Uses G3…Easel doesn’t like that.

I would:
Add a G20 to the top to specify inches.
Add a feedrate, F50 or somthing, to your first G1
Use something other than easel to send the code.

AND, make sure you do an air cut test before you turn the spindle on.

Cool. Thank you again.


What should I use instead of G3?

You can’t just substitute anything for G3. That would be taken care of by a post processor when generating the code. Many gcode senders can handle it for you…not Easel.

Right on.