Flat Aluminium carving

I have problems while carving aluminium. I did set shallow depth 0.008 per pass and feedrate is 40 Inch/minute
while in middle sometimes machine jumps slightly to back while cuts. its happen when sudden bit sticks in material and jump slightly backward.
I seen this problems towards both X, Y position. after cancel job machine cant back to work home back at different position.

I am guess the motors are not so powerful 179oz steppers. or may be not enough liquid I use WD 40
or maybe motors not getting enough power?

any Ideas help please. Thanks

Try shallower passes.

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Are you using a downcut bit? Clearing out the chips with air and an upcut bit helps.

If the bit “jump around” => your machine is not rigid enough and/or end mill is not cutting well.
You say you have 179oz steppers, what controller / current are they given?

@ErikJenkins. I am using 4 flute endmill, I think chips have issue in cutting path similar like backlash problems. Machine jumps slightly back/front sometimes . feedrate maybe issue I set 40 IPM.

@HaldorLonningdal. I did several upgrades.
Machine is X carve Adruino/cnc shield current supply is 1.05 amps. Linear Z Axis.
I have more jobs pending. what upgrade could you recommend . maybe belts, motors/ stepper drivers etc.

Thanks for reply.

With only 1.05A to each motor you are not getting the torque they are capable of.
Get 4 individual stepper drivers and you will see a significant increase in power.
The really cheap way to go is 4x TB6600. (Get a 5th and keep it as a spare)

Are you running 24V PSU?

@HaldorLonningdal Are you running 24V PSU?

Definitely I am thinking for stepper drivers.

I came from a small DIY Nema17 and eventually Nema23 upgrade, but it wasn’t until I upgraded the drivers (in my case TB6560´s) I really felt the strength came. Strength to drive but also strength to resist loosing steps while carving which also is most important. I use 269oz steppers though (dual 140oz for Y)

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I agree with @RobertCanning 2 flute, get a quality bit made to cut aluminum. I use the Viper Destiny from Drillman1 on ebay.

Regarding end mills, I have had good experience with a 3F 3mm bit. My RPM is 10k BTW.
Fewer flutes is usually the norm with aluminium carving, but the most important factor is finding the sweet spot.

Here is mine running 3mm DOC with a 3mm 3F helix uncut:
(Yes, there is chatter as my machine isn’t that rigid)