Flattening the wood before starting my project

Please excuse me if I am repeating a previously-answered question but is there any posting or YouTube video that explains the Easel options and the processes to flatten a piece of wood before we start a project?
For example, what bit would/should we select in Easel?
How should we select the right area to clean/level?
How deep should we go?

I would appreciate your help.

  • Mount material to waste board
  • Use a large diameter bit, 3/4" are common and cheap
  • Draw a rectangle in Easel with dimensions slightly oversized relative to material
  • Perform a shallow pocket cut of that rectangle
  • Carve it
  • Repeat incrementally deeper until top surface is entirely smoothed out

If the material need to reach uniform thickness the same task need to be done on the waste board itself to ensure its parallell to Z height.

Note that the proposed method is not recommended if you use clamps to hold down your material, since attempting to create a pocket slightly larger than the material would result in you hitting the clamps.

@AllenKh. Starting at 6:22 I show how to skim the project. https://youtu.be/4n27WF9gcB4

I have used this method on many of my projects both big and small. Hope this helps

Here is a small project. Same process


Thank you Haldor. I was looking at this bit for this purpose.

What type of bit should I select in Easel?
How shallow should I go with the cut?
Can I lay the new board on the top of the existing one and run this on it? So, I will leave the existing board alone and will just resurface the new one?

Once again, thanks for your help.

@AllenKh. Be aware that is a 1/2” shank. If you have the DeWalt router a 1/4” is the largest shank diameter that you can use


Thank you very much. I shared the link just to show the bit type. So, would you suggest that bid type? And if yes, would you please help me with the question, “How would I use this type of bit in Easel?” What should I select as a bit in Easel?

Select bit in easel and on the bottom you can enter the width of the bit. Then just make a square in easel the size you want it to cut. I did my square 30" and I did a dept of .02

There is an 8mm collet available for the DW 611.