Flattening & Tramming

Ok, here goes…purchased X-Carve 1000 a few months ago. Assembled it with no real issues, but couldn’t really start using it until recently. I have found, through some test cuts, that my waste board is high towards the middle. I have rechecked the assembly and all seems fine. While I can’t find “start to finish” instructions on how to surface the waste board, I was able to play and figure some of it out, using a secondary waste board as a test. In doing so, I have found that my unit needs tramming as well. Again, I can’t find any “start to finish” instructions. Can anyone point me in the right direction for detailed, step by step, instructions on surfacing the entire board AND tramming the spindle? Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Try this. Marius has a decent video and description of the process.

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Thank you. I have viewed this video, but my concern is that this is not specific to the X-Carve 1000. I would feel more comfortable seeing start to finish instructions for my specific unit, both for flattening and tramming.


Im looking for the same thing. I thought i could design and carve, coping a file is not designing