Flatting HDPE with the X-Carve

Just a boring video showing a homemade 1" thick block of HDPE being flattened


Very nice. I’m curious about your process to make the block and what you plan on doing with it.

Flip the HDPE over, and now you have decent free stock for all your projects!
Having a CNC makes traditionally difficult “wood working” tasks like this super easy.
I use my CNC to flatten rough cut lumber (aka tree limbs), or unevenly joined boards into usable material.

Corey, I basically collected a bunch of HDPE (#2) containers, cut them up into smaller pieces put them on a parchment covered cookie sheet and put them in the oven @ 350 degrees until they were soft. Once soft it made it into a ball and put in a wooden mold I made from plywood and clamped it as tight as could and re-tightened every 10 minutes for an hour then let cool over night,

I made that block 2 years ago after watching some youtube videos, I just like to tinker and try new things. I have no plans for it at this time, but now I have an X-Carve so ya never know.

Lessons learned:
Don’t use any containers that had a soap or chemicals in them (I can still smell the laundry soap on my block after 2 years)

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I might try something like that and make who knows what out of it.

Something like this:

or a relief carve into it. Just have to gather up enough plastic to do it.

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Have you tried making machinable wax using LDPE? Lots of recipes on line for it.

Hey, have you tried that? I would like to carve a bowl from HDPE and I am wondering which drill bit I need. Thank you!