"Fletcher" Hold Down Clamps

There are a great video on YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhdSkmXTdfA ) where David from Fletcher Handcrafted Guitars makes an awesome set of hold down clamps. I asked him if I could have the file as an .DXF and he kindly agreed. I’ve now converted it to an Easel project which you can find here:

I haven’t had a chance to test the project yet, but I’ll run it this weekend, and make any required changes.


That is a great video! I think i see my next project forming now! I like the way the inlay is filled in, i could have used that on my last project as well.

Yes awesome! You got to posting this before I did, I’m definitely going to make some of these!

Has anyone else made a set of these? I’m thinking of making some soon just wondering what other people’s experiences have been.

I’ve been thinking of making these out of either MDF or some plywood. My thinking behind it is these materials are a little more stable and should resist shrinking or expanding over time.

It would be great to see other variations as well!

Hey @Rusty i made these out of MDF https://www.inventables.com/projects/work-piece-hold-down-clamps they work really well, especially when you use the wedges nothing moves

Looks great @WarrenDownes! I thought about using wedges at one point too. Are these the primary clamps that you use?

Hi @Rusty Yep i use them for just about everything and so far so good.

anyone know what wood is being used here and also what the inlay mix is? totally new here and that really looks cool for some future projects.

Looks like pine, and the inlay is two part epoxy with some black tint

I tweaked the design a bit and made them out of Cherry.

Not pine. Thats Maple.

I asked David on his YouTube channel
and he confirmed the inlay is epoxy with tint.

Nice, but I like the two screws as it auto squares everything nicely without being able to turn

Sort of, if there is no slop. :wink:

the .125" bit will carve everything including the slotted holes as well?