Foam board

How do you keep the correct scale

I had only one issue with under scaling. I imported two pages from the same plane, and one was roughly 5% smaller. I still have no idea why it happened, but was able to scale it up in Easel, just by matching the dimensions to the .pdf plans.

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I’m going to try it again. Any othe tips you’ve picked up?

As the board is being cut, it tends to bow upwards slightly. I don’t have a vacuum table to prevent that, so I just hold it down a bit by hand when the shallow 1 mm cuts are being made. It might not even be important, but I still do it.
The white Adams foam board works great, but the brown FliteTest foam board is better.
After you cut, and build a couple times, you’ll see what works, and what doesn’t. Keep me posted. I’m interested in any tricks you learn as well.


Great Stuff at FliteTest! Sponz is the man!

Mesa RC Club is a great group of Colorado STUDENTS that design amazing planes!
Many of their plans can be downloaded free.

Howdy Phillip… I tried for the first time using the blue tape and glue… but wouldn’t you know it… my CA glue was all dried up. I happened to think about a work around… and then remembered my 3M spray glue. I just hit the piece with a small amount while I held it in my hands… and then put the two together. Worked like a charm… and really held the work piece down. And…I think it is alot cheaper than the CA glue I bought.

Thanks for your videos and all your advice… Chuck Lyons Akron, Ohio