Folders for Easel

Many years ago I made a little tool to keep projects locally. It has been 4 years and Easel still does not has any feature to organize projects! lol, so I have updated my tool to work with latest Easel:


What does the tool do?

  1. It creates links to the projects locally when you press Sync:

It never gets your Easel password because it is just using the system browser as seen in the code:

  1. Every next time you press Sync:
    a. Missing project will be added to the folder
    b. Names for projects will be updated to match Easel
    c. The folder structure you have will be keep intact

This is probably my biggest gripe with Easel. After a while I will go through, download all the zip files, rename the files appropriately, upload them to google drive, and then delete the project in Easel. Mostly because it’s too difficult and time consuming to find old projects in the software.


This would get solved so easily if there was some “community” version of Easel! When I see all the suggestions, most of them could be fullfilled in a night by random people :confused:


Been bugging support for this for years now too.

Is this a Windows only app?

We have literally thousands of projects and even loading the list is getting bloody slow. Finding past projects is a nightmare.

Yes, only Windows app :slight_smile:

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When I use Easel with my students, I use a Google Form for them to submit projects. The form populates a spreadsheet that includes the direct link to the project, their name, the date, the title, the bit size, the material, and anything else they need to add.
If I used Easel for my own projects, I’d find it useful to do the same thing for myself.

Bit size, material, speeds are saved individually per workpiece, not per project :roll_eyes:

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True, but my use case is different.
My students are limited by constraints I give them.
For personal projects, I wouldn’t need more info than date, title and link. I don’t use Easel for my personal projects, though.
I was just suggesting that one could easily use a spreadsheet to keep track.

@eried That tool looks pretty slick, though!

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